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“Our approach is practical, we work with our clients to balance
their vision with the conservation procedures required to repair,
restore and ultimately extend the life of your most valued objects.”

Our Process

1. Consultation

During the initial consultation a conservator will discuss your item’s general condition, materials, and potential conservation treatment options. Each artwork must be closely examined in the studio or on-site with the clients present. If that is not possible a detailed description of the damage, including photographs, can be emailed or uploaded for review, but we cannot give a thorough assessment from pictures alone. Shipping artworks directly to the studio is also possible. Please let us know in advance that you will be shipping your items to us. We are happy to provide our clients with packing and shipping guidelines.

Initial in-studio consultations are always free.

2. Examination

If the client would like to proceed, a written condition report will be prepared. This examination will include research and extensive material testing to establish the overall condition, materials and methods of manufacture, historic use, and the overall deterioration of the artwork. Comprehensive examinations are a vital component of the treatment process because they allow our conservators to tailor each individual treatment plan; ensuring the best possible outcome for every object we treat.

3. Proposal

When the examination is complete a treatment proposal will be presented to the client for approval. The proposal will include the condition report, a reference photograph of the artwork before treatment, the recommended treatment plan (including all optional treatments), time line, and a cost estimate.

4. Treatment

A signed copy of the treatment proposal, accompanied by an initial payment of half the cost of treatment, must be returned to GBAC before any work can begin. The amount of time it takes to complete a treatment will vary depending on its complexity. On average, most conservation treatments will take between one and three months to complete. Specific time lines and completion dates can be accommodated with advanced notice. Expedited treatment is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the conservator’s schedule and the types of treatment involved. A written conservation treatment report will be provided to the client once the job is complete. The report will include the condition assessment, treatment proposal, a before and after treatment image of the artwork, a detailed description of the conservation steps preformed, and, if requested, recommendations for handling, storage, and/or display. Additional photographs of the object(s) before and after treatment can be provided to the client as high-resolution images on a thumb-drive or as archival prints for an additional fee.

DID YOU KNOW… We can pick up and deliver items to and from local framers, galleries, and other clients in the region. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


1. Consultation

In-Studio: 30 minute consultations are provided free of charge.

On-site: Consultation fees are based on our hourly or daily rate plus the cost of travel.

2. Examination & Treatment Proposals

There is a $225 examination fee for each treatment proposal. Examinations and estimates for large collections will be based on our hourly/daily consultation rate.

3. Payment for Conservation Work

Initial Payment: Before any work can begin on your project half of the cost of treatment must be received by GBAC with the signed treatment proposal.

Final Payment: Clients will be notified once treatment is complete and invoiced for the remaining balance of the treatment costs, including any selected optional work and special-order materials. Final payment must be received by GBAC prior to or on the day of pick up or before the artwork is shipped.

We currently accept cash, cheques, e-transfers or debit and credit card transactions via PayPal online banking. **Please note a 3% processing fee is applied to all PayPal transactions.

Expedited Treatments: Expedited treatment is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the conservator’s schedule and types of treatment required. A 25% rush fee will be added to the total cost of treatment for this service.

What Our Clients Say

We recently had 3 different pictures and frames revamped and restored by Amber at GBAC. Amber's professional knowledge and expertise allowed her to assist our varied requirements for each picture. Together we even discovered a hidden 100-year-old lithograph, under a seascape! Amber was able to restore it and it's antique frame to its original glory and all within the assigned budget for the overall project. The experience was positive and we are very pleased with the updated end results.

Michael & Jane Dunn
Michael & Jane Dunn
Owen Sound, Ontario

Just writing to let you know how much we are enjoying the painting you restored for us.

After decades of neglect and poor storage the damage was extensive. There were two tears, several holes, and a layer of dirt and grime over the entire painting. With so much damage we doubted that anything could be done with it.

You and your staff have done a tremendous restoration! The painting is so bright and full light. The images are clear and sharp. It was a pleasure to work with you Amber, in bringing this painting back to life. We will enjoy it for many years to come. We will gladly recommend you to anyone who wishes to have their paintings restored.

Ken & Cheryl Doubt
Ken & Cheryl Doubt
Chesley, Ontario

I took a large, beautiful and valuable work of art to Georgian Bay Art Conservation after it had languished at another establishment for a year and a half. The restoration involved extensive testing and it wasn't a quick fix, which was explained from the start. Amber kept me apprised of what was happening on a periodic basis. She successfully resolved the issue - mould or acid leaching- and it is in like-new condition again with state-of-the-art backing and framing. I have no hesitation in recommending Amber's work. She is professional, dependable and fair in her costing.

Bonnie B.
Bonnie B.
Ontario, Canada

Amber was instrumental in restoring and preserving a family tree that I inherited 22 years ago. It was a large 33 x 61 inch print with very elaborate and artistic drawings and German calligraphy.  Originally it was hand drawn by a German relative in 1970. When I received the framed print one third of it was illegible so it was hidden in a closet to prevent further fading.  When downsizing I decided to have the print restored. The conservation team at GBAC willingly took on the restoration of the oversized print. I was grateful for Amber’s extensive knowledge and expert advice on how to proceed with the project. She collaborated with me on every step of the project. Her strong research skills were instrumental in deciphering the WWII maps on the print and restoring the original calligraphy. The perfectionist in Amber produced a restored print that is equal to or superior to the quality of the original print. I will be forever grateful to Amber and her preservation team for their expert restoration of a family treasure.

Lisa Wilson
Lisa Wilson
Markdale, Ontario

Thank-you for working your magic on the Buddha statue. It is so beautiful. I made a Shrine with it at the Grey Roots Theater. All of the events were a wonderful success. Many thanks.

Kim Scarrow
Kim Scarrow
Owen Sound, Ontario



GBAC is not licensed as an appraisal service. If you are interested in pursuing the history, provenance, or value of your piece, please contact us to schedule an appointment with our accredited fine art appraiser.



Yes, GBAC is insured and we carry coverage for $500,000 on artworks. Larger valuations can be addressed on an individual basis. The studio is also located in a secure building, alarmed and equipped with fire-suppression equipment.



Yes, GBAC is happy to work with your insurance company to address any claims relating to damaged works of art. In the past GBAC has helped its clients work through minor incidents and major disasters such as fire and flood. Please view our Disaster Recovery and Insurance Claims service page for more information.



GBAC can provide an on-site assessment of your piece or collection depending on where you are located and the condition of the premises. Please contact one of our conservators to schedule an on-site assessment or to get a quote.



Please contact one of our conservators at (226) 923-2244 for assistance with transporting your piece to the studio. We are happy to recommend art transportation services and provide customized packing and shipping guidelines.



Yes, all materials used by GBAC are fully reversible and specifically designed for conservation. In addition, all of the work conducted is in accordance with modern conservation practices, visible under UV light and easily removed. Visit our Conservation & Restoration service page for more information.



Generally it’s impossible to provide estimates over the phone. Each artwork must be closely examined in the studio or on-site with the clients present. If that is not possible a detailed description of the damage, including photographs, can be emailed or uploaded for review, but we cannot give a thorough assessment from pictures alone.


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