Digital Restoration

Wentzel Family Tree (61.5″ x 32.5″)

Measuring just over 5 feet in length, this genealogical treasure thoroughly documents the Wentzel family history, including notations of marriage, offspring, occupation, city or town of residence, burial plots, and military service. The document arrived at our studio in need of stabilization and a conservation assessment to determine what was required to ensure its long-­‐term preservation. It was immediately noted that UV exposure had caused significant fading of the image, risking permanent and irretrievable loss of the textual information. The top right quadrant of the image had already suffered significant fading and was barely legible. We prepared a multi-­‐phase treatment plan that included the stabilization of the original document in preparation for high resolution flatbed scanning. Imaging parameters were thoroughly tested to ensure the safety of the object and to make visible all textual information that had been lost. Once legible, extensive digital restoration was performed to achieve an aesthetically pleasing archival reproduction. Both the printed reproduction and the original document were housed together and custom framed using UV filtering glass and archival materials. All digital information, including the restored image and contextual research, were given to the client for future reference and for distribution among family members. This was truly a remarkable project!