Museum & Gallery Services

“Together we can protect and ensure the long-term
preservation of cultural heritage in Canada.”

Working alongside curators, archivists, gallery technicians, and corporate liaisons our team of conservators and preservation specialists offer a unique and complimentary program of expertise, skill, and research interests; allowing us to specialize in the treatment and long-term preservation of individual artworks and cultural heritage collections of great diversity.

We are available for on-site consultation and offer our clients a broad range of specialty services:

Conservation Treatment

GBAC offers conservation treatment for vulnerable or damaged works of art and artifacts. Most treatment procedures will be completed at our conservation studio. Although, on occasion, our conservators may be able to stabilize and repair the damaged object onsite, depending on the complexity of the procedure required.

View our Treatment Portfolio to learn more about our featured conservation projects.

Consultation & Assessments

  • On-site collection surveys.
  • Condition assessments.
  • Acquisition assessments.
  • Incoming and outgoing loan assessments.
  • Environmental assessments for insect and pest control, lighting, temperature and relative humidity (RH).
  • Consultation for long-term storage, re-location of small and large collections, art handling and shipping guidelines.

Exhibition Services

  • Mount making & museum standard framing.
  • Arced frames, convex glass, and cased enclosures for historic portraiture.
  • Custom display design and installation services.
  • Incoming and outgoing loan assessments.
  • Consultation for packing, shipping and transportation of artwork.
  • Courier service – a GBAC conservator will travel with your artwork to ensure its safety during transport.

Cataloguing & Photo Documentation

  • Photographic documentation & digitization of new acquisitions, existing collections, or damaged artworks.
  • Our documentation services can be used for print, marketing, online archiving, improved accessibility to rare or fragile artifacts and insurance claims.
  • GBAC can work with your institutions current museum software to catalogue and organize any collection, large or small.

Rehousing Projects

  • Preparation of condition assessments and re-housing recommendations for grant applications.
  • Design & construction of custom housings and enclosures.
  • In-house training of staff and volunteers in preventive conservation procedures and practices.

Disaster Planning & Recovery

  • Preparation and updating of site specific disaster plans and procedures.
  • Hands-on training for disaster recovery of mixed collections.
  • Emergency response for recovery & conservation treatment of collections damaged by fire, flood, or mold.

Visit our Disaster Recovery page for more information.

Training & Workshops

GBAC offers a variety of interactive, hands-on, training for cultural heritage professionals. Some of our programming includes: Disaster Recovery of Mixed Collections; Care & Identification of Photographic Media; Art Handling for Volunteers; and How to Prepare Custom Mounts & Archival Housings.

Contact us at 226-923-2244 to discuss how we can assist your institution with training and professional development workshops.