3D Paper Relief

Jean Juhlin “Moving On” (30” x 23.5”)

Careful choices must be made when selecting materials for mounting and framing works of art. This piece is an example of what can happen when just one component of the display enclosure is not archival. The sculpture was previously float mounted on a sheet of Masonite that was covered in a woven fabric and sealed within a Plexiglas case. The presentation was lovely, but the off gassing from the Masonite, which is full of all sorts of nasty chemicals and adhesives, became trapped within the Plexiglas enclosure and eventually caused the artwork to become heavily disfigured. The Brown coloured staining that looked very much like fingerprints were scattered over the entire surface of this white paper sculpture.  Through a series of bleaching and rinsing procedures the staining was significantly reduced, allowing the beauty and subtle nuances of this sculpture to be appreciated once again. To ensure the long-term preservation of the artwork all non-archival components of the frame enclosure were replaced with appropriate materials.