The Christian Graces – Faith, Hope and Charity (32” x 22″)

Often, works of art on paper are treated for acidic discolouration and staining caused by prolonged contact with poor framing materials. The degree of deterioration will be even greater when exposure to ultra violet light and moisture are factored in. This engraving is an excellent example of acidic staining caused by a wooden support. Not only has the entire sheet of paper darkened and become brittle, localized staining from the knots in the wood are evident. The treatment approach is two fold, first the overall structural integrity of the paper must be improved through a process of washing, de-acidifying, and re-sizing, then the visual appearance, or aesthetics, of the artwork can be altered by employing localized bleaching and in-painting techniques.   It’s only after the restoration has been completed that the night sky and brilliant illumination of the three Graces can be fully appreciated. The transformation is truly outstanding!