1860 Proclamation on Parchment

The Royal Walkway, Kingston City Hall

This historic document, from 1860, had been on long-term public display at the Kingston City Hall. A condition assessment revealed damage to the parchment document from prolonged exposure to moisture and ultra violet light, causing an outbreak of mold and fading of the ink inscriptions. Insects were also found within the frame enclosure, as paper, parchment, and even some adhesives can be an excellent source of food for these little critters. A preservation plan was prepared and included: treating the original document for mold, surface soil, and the removal of any adhesive residues; constructing a custom archival enclosure for the long-term storage of the original; and producing a digital reproduction for public display. The reproduction was printed on a matte, fiber based, photographic paper and re-framed using conservation glass, and the original blue coloured mat and gold frame. Great care was taken to simulate the look and feel of the original parchment document.