Hand Coloured Platinum Print

Artist: Northrop (10” x 13.5”)

This platinum photograph was glued overall to a thick pressboard support, and although the photographic medium itself is very stable, the watercolour toning on the image is very sensitive to light and the paper that the image is printed on is showing signs of acidic deterioration, causing the highlights to darken and the paper to become brittle. To treat this piece we first needed to detach the window mat, which had been glued to

the front of the image, and then painstakingly whittle, layer by layer, the acidic pressboard support off of the back of the photograph. Once all of the damaging, non-archival, materials had been removed, the photograph was surface cleaned and lined with a custom heat-set tissue to stabilize the delicate image. A new archival window mat was selected to enhance the highlights and subtle colour toning of the image.